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Darning yarn MUSTARD

Darning yarn MUSTARD

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  • 30 meters yarn card

  • 100% soft pure wool

  • Color: Mustard

  • Hand wash

    Repair your wool sweater wool with these 100% pure wool darning yarns.

    toolly's darning yarns contain zero artificial fiber such as polyacryl or polyamide, which is very mixed with pure wool fiber for the conventional darning yarns.

    Slightly thinner than "normal" darning yarns can be plied double or tripple if you are mending a thicker garment. You can mix yarns with different colors to create mottled effect, or combine different colors to make it more decorative.

    30 meter yarn is wound around one by one around a kraft paper card and packed in a small paper bag.

    You can also purchase Set of 6 colors - COLOFUL OR MONO

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