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Japanese Tailor Shears from SHOZABURO

Japanese Tailor Shears from SHOZABURO

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    • Material: combination of high-grade steel and ultra-soft steel

    • from the Legendary scissors-maker with traditional craftmanship Shozaburo

    • Length: 22cm (12cm blades & 10cm handle) or 24cm (14cm blades & 10cm handle)

    • For very thin to thick fabrics

    • Excellent cutting quality

    • Weight: ca. 300 - 340g 

    • Users guide inside box

    Japanese cutting tools are well known for their premium quality. toolly offers Tailor shears and thread snips from a Japanese manufacturer Shozaburo. This Tailor Shears are made of steel without plastic handle. Size 22cm & 24cm are the most commonly used tailor shears for versatile projects; it has a moderate weight to provide a stable cutting, yet the comfortable shape of the handle enables you to carry out your cutting process with ease. Shozaburo shears' outstanding cutting quality is only possible with the choice of high-grade hard and soft steel combination and the production method of old and new techniques. With proper use and care, these shears will be your permanent companion.

    Important tips for keeping scissors in good condition and over a long period of time. Please read  Maintenance tips for Shozaburo shears before use.




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