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Point Turner - Bamboo

Point Turner - Bamboo

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  • Length: 16 mm

  • Weight: ca. 5 gramm

  • Made of rapid grown Bamboo tree

  • For both paper and fabric

  • Smooth surface

Point turner / Seam Creaser is another essential tool for crafters and sewists. They can be used for pressing fabric seams or folding paper to create a nice and clean marking and folded edge. Pointed tip of the creaser is also useful for turning corners in pockets, lapels or collars. The tip is not too sharp, so you don't have to worry about making a hole by peaking or pressing too hard when working with sensitive fabrics. It's not made out of animal bones and therefore vegan. No plastic is contained in the product or in the packaging. Plus, Bamboo is a rapidly grown raw material.

Their lightweight and smooth surface is very pleasant to work with.

You can oil coat the surface if you wish. See detail and Care guide for bamboo products ..... HERE

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