Care guide for Bamboo products (Point Turner & Ruler)

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Care guide for products made of Bamboo

( Point Turner & Ruler )

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About bamboo products

Bamboo's ambient feel of coolness & warmness is almost a very familier for those who grew up in Asien countries like me, it is a nostalgic feeling. It is no wonder why bamboo products became such a trend over the years, considering the rapid growing charasteristic of this wonder tree (or grass-plant, some call it) which is very sustainable.
However, bamboo fiber production involves lots of water and chemicals which is unfortunately not so sustainable. At the same time, it’s great to know that more and more manufacturers are becoming environmental conscious and trying to reduce the use of water and chemicals during the production.


Bamboo products are fantastic to work with, because

· · · Bamboo is harder and denser than wood, with higher compression and bending strength.
· · · Bamboo has natural color, pleasant fragrance & smooth texture.
· · · Bamboo also has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer.


A couple of maintenance tips

  • The best emvironment for bamboo products are airy and dry places. Keep it in a dry and clean place when stored. It is best to use bamboo products as frequent as possible to let them have more contact with air.

  • Coating with coconuts oil gives slightly darker and smoother surface. Just wipe off dust, rub and wipe the surface with an small amount of coconuts oil with soft cloth. Dry thoroughly before use to avoid stains on paper or cloth and mold during storage.

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