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Japanese Thread Scissors - Long Blade

Japanese Thread Scissors - Long Blade

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    • Material: highest grade blade carbon steel

    • from the Legendary scissors-maker with traditionlal craftmanship Shozaburo

    • Total length: 10.5 cm 

    • Blade length: 4.5 cm

    • Weight: 30 g 

    • Lovely paper packaging

    • Printed care guide (English, translated from Japanese, exclusively from toolly)

    Unlike the typical "X-shaped " scissors (or Roman type, originated in Rome about 27 B.C.) which are made of two crossed pieces of steel / iron and have two holes to put the fingers in to hold, "U-shaped" snips (or Greek style snips, originated around 10th century B.C. in ancient Greece), also known as spring scissors are made by bending a piece of steel / iron instead of connecting two pieces. They have no holes to put the fingers in, so they are used by holding the outer sides and pressing inward to cut. U-shaped scissors became very popular in Japan since they were very suitable for Kimono making process.

    Even though the production of "U-shaped" snips became rare all over the world, and less Kimonos are produced in modern time after western clothes became popular and more "X-shaped" scissors have been produced in Japan, Japan is the only country where "U-shaped" snips are still widely produced and used.

    Traditional Shozaburo U-shape scissors are ideal for undoing tacking threads and seams. With the smooth, comfortable feel of these cutters, you will enjoy making even very delicate cuts.

    Important tips for keeping scissors in good condition and over a long period of time. Please read before use Care and User guide for Shozaburo scissors

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