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Catching Needle M I N I

Catching Needle M I N I

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Practical and handy small size Catching Needle for repairing very fine knit fabrics.

Catching Needle - also known as Ladder Darner / Repair needle, or Repassiernadel in German, meaning literally repassing needle in English is definitely one of those tools that you will never want to let go once you own it.
The main application of this tool is to pick up and repair run stitches on fine knit fabrics. It is also very useful for pulling in overlock threads.
Ladder Darner basically works like a crochet hook. The difference is that a flexible small piece is attached to the hook which opens and closes the hook, so that the picked up stitch or thread is kept in the hook and so can be pulled out without escaping. 


  • Metal hook with wood handle

  • Total length : 9,5 cm

  • Metal part length : 2,3 cm

  • Hook length : approx. 0,8 cm

  • Factory deadstock, only limited number available

  • For repairing very fine knit fabrics


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