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Darning Egg

Darning Egg

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  • Circumference approx. 14cm

  • Weight: approx. 30g

  • Material: natural Beech wood, no oil finish

  • Made in Europe

  • Plastic free packaging

  • Manufactured in family owned operation

    Darning eggs and Darning mushrooms are useful tools when mending or darning small hole in socks or sweater. It gives the stability and flat backing, which makes it much easier to work on a strechy small area.

    This darning egg is made of beechwood and hand finished in Europe. Its organic form fits nicely in hand.

    Size is about 7cm high x 4,5cm wide, 14cm around the egg. Perfect for mending a small section. It is also useful for stitching decorations on any soft garment.

    Prefer to work with a mending tool with handle?  Check Darning mushroom

      A proper usage and an appropriate care prolong the life of the wooden products and make the article look beautiful. If you like to give a light coating on the surface or if you like to add a bit of darker tone, you can find out HERE which oil is suitable as well as general user guide for wood products.


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