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Tracing Wheels

Tracing Wheels

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  • Size: ø 26 mm, 170 mm long (100 mm handle part)

  • Spacing between the dots: 3mm

  • Weight: 37g (47g with packaging)

  • Material: wooden handle and 22 steel sharp teeth

  • For fabric, leather and paper

  • Plastic free product and packaging

With this tracing tool, the sewing pattern marking, seam allowance, placement of darts, pockets and buttonholes can be marked onto fabric, with or without tracing paper. Also useful to mark the placements of fabric pieces when quilting. It can also be used for making marks on Leather or paper.

There are several methods of tracing and copying sewing pattern. Using a tracing wheel (also called pattern wheel), is classic method and the one which is still prefered among many sewing lovers and dress makers.


Care Guide

Tracing wheel is usually intended to be used with carbon transfer paper. But (!), if you don’t have any, there is a simple way to make your own substitution transfering paper.



DIY carbon tranferring paper

What you can use as alternatives of semi transparent transfer paper

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