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Bodkin - Elastic Threader

Bodkin - Elastic Threader

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  • Size: 82mm long, 1cm opening

  • Material: Steel

  • Color: Silver

  • Use: Threader for elastics, drawstrings or ribbons

  • Type: Tweezer

A bodkin tweezer is a must-have little tool. It helps pulling elastics and ribbons through narrow casing.

Elastic or ribbon is placed between the tweezer opening and a small sliding ring is lowered towards the opening to lock the ribbon in place. Then, the top of the tweezer is inserted in the hole and the ribbon is threaded through the tube. The smooth head helps the ribbon to pass through narrow casing effortlessly, while the zigzag tooth of the opening firmly holds the ribbon in place. To prevent the end of the ribbon from being pulled through the hole, make sure to secure it by attaching something which is little bit bigger than the opening hole, such as paper clip or clothespin.

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