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Embroidery Needles - Sharpes Needles with long eye

Embroidery Needles - Sharpes Needles with long eye

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  • Size 6 : 37mm length x 0,69mm diameter 

  • 12 needles in hand-made cardboard paper holder

  • Plastic-free packaging

  • Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics

  • Made of nickel plated high carbon steel wire

  • Very sharp point & super smooth surface

    toolly's choice of hand sewing needle is embroidery needle in size 6. Embroidery needles (also referred to as Crewel needles) have a long and large eye, which makes threading much easier especially when a thicker thread or strands of thread are used. Other than the large eyes, they have an identical length, stability and the sharpness as Sharpes needles (general hand sewing needles). Size 6 is one of the most popular and most commonly used as general purpose sewing needles. These needles are from a leading British needle manufacturer who has been making high-quality needles since the early days of needle use in England, who is also known for their reliability among both professional dressmakers and hobby crafters around the world. 

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