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Nannette Hopf

Ironing Ruler / Metal Hand Gauge

Ironing Ruler / Metal Hand Gauge

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    • Length:  22.5 cm

    • Material thickness:  0.3 mm

    • Weight:   25 g

    • Award winning design

    • Break-proof

    • Made in Germany

    Patented metal hand gauge / ironing ruler designed by Nannette Hopf is manufactured in Germany.
    Very versatile and useful tool for measuring, marking, pressing or ironing.
    Stainless steel is heat and steam resistant, does not melt like plastics, or rust after ironing.

    Measuring: The scales in millimetres and centimetres are precisely etched on both sides and the measurement begins at zero (at the edge of the ruler) without distance.

    Marking: Toothed indents on one side help precise measuring and marking. Curves and whole circles can be marked by using semi-circle template and slotted rounding end. 5cm slit in the middle is perfect for buttonhole marking.

    Pressing: 0.3 mm ultra thin ruler is easy to use for creasing paper or pressing seams by simply slip the ruler between the fabric without pins.

    Ironing: The stainless steel ruler can be ironed directly with fabric to press seams and corners. But please be careful, it transfers heat so it could get hot!


    Care Guide for Metal hand gauge HERE

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