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Darning Mushroom

Darning Mushroom

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  • Length: 125mm

  • Dimention of mushroom head part: 65mm

  • Weight: approx. 117g

  • Material: natural Beech wood, no oil finish

  • Made in Europe

  • Plastic free packaging

  • Vegan

  • Manufactured in family owned operation

    A hole in hand knitted woolen socks?  Worn elbow areas in your favourite sweater?  You can make them wearable and lovable again by repairing with a traditional darning technique. Darnig (or mending) is an old method of repairing such distorted areas in order for garment to last longer. With the recent trend of darning, repaired area can be as well seen as a pretty decoration.  Contrast color yarns might be applied for unique motif and pattern. 


    toolly's darning mushroom made of a natural plain beech wood with a hard and dense surface is manufactured entirely in Europe: that also means transportation from rainforest regions is completely avoided.

    The manufacturer in east Europe is a family-run business who has been working with wood for many generations and have brought their production methods to perfection.

    Darning mushroom's wooden handle gives a stability and the head part gives a flat backing of the garment while darning.  If you prefer working without handle, we also offer Darning egg.

      A proper usage and an appropriate care prolong the life of the wooden products and make the article look beautiful. If you like to give a light coating on the surface or if you just want to add a bit of darker tone, you can find out which oil can be used  HERE. You will also find useful user guide for wood products there.

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