Care guide for Darning egg, Darning mushroom & All purpose brush

A proper usage and an appropriate care prolong the life of the wooden products and make the article look beautiful. Darning eggs, Darning mushrooms and All purpose brush offered at toolly are made of natural beech wood. Beech is a bright and homogeneously plain wood with a hard and dense surface.They can be kept natural, ot can be treated with oil.


Below is a little advice from the manufacturer ( translated from German to English)

One thing in advance: It is not absolutely necessary to oil your wooden articles regularly! This is purely a matter of taste and ensures that your wooden products will shine for a long time like on the first day.

Furthermore, you do not necessarily have to buy a special oil for maintenance. You can also use traditional and traditional cooking oils that you probably already have at home. 

An oil treatment makes the surface thicker and prevents germs from penetrating too deeply into stressed wood fibres. The oil also gives the wood a soft and natural feel and gives it a new shine. To avoid unwanted changes such as rancid smell or stains in the wood, the right oil must be used. 


Suitable oils suggested by manufacturer.

  • Coconuts oil  · · · ·  has pleasant and unique smell

  • Flax oil  · · · · · · · · ·  is odorless


  1. Dust off surface. If damp cloth was used to clean, let the surface dry completly before applying oil.

  2. Apply some oil on the cloth and spread it on the wood. Make sure the surface is evently covered.

  3. Let it dry before use.

  4. Oiling can be repeated 1-2 time(s) every year

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