Care Guide for Darning Yarns


Even though Woolen yarns can last for a long time, sad truth is that more and more wool garments end up in landfill every year. They are discarded because they were washed the wrong way and resulted in shrinkage, or they have been stored wrong and resulted in getting moth-eaten holes, or they have snag because they got caught in a sharp object, or .... just because they became out of style. But in most cases these are not reason enough to just discard.

There are some simple things we can do to prevent from letting precious woolen garments end up in landfill. For example, we can wash them right, we can store them right, we can mend them, or we can donate them instead of throwing away.

toolly's Darning yarns are 100% wool and therefore tender washing is necessary to avoid shrinkage. If the woolen yarns are used for mending on synthetic (or synthetic mix) garments, partial shrinkage might occur when the whole piece is washed vigorously. To prevent this, it is also wise to treat the whole garment like wool.


Here are some tips how to keep wool. 

  • Hand wash in cold temperature with a drop of mild wool detergent. Wool fiber has a character to clean itself, so they don't actually need extensive washing. When they need to be washed, be tender! You don't need to squeeze the garment to get rid of excess water after washing, just flat dry or air dry. If maschine wash is unavoidable, make sure to use the gentle "hand wash" or "wool" cycle. Again, use a very small amount of mild detergent sepecially designed for wool. NEVER tumble dry! This can cause a dramatic shrinking!!
  • Prevent moth damage by keeping the garment clean. Dust off outside often and wash before storing away for a long time. Make sure the garment is completely dry before storing. Placing sachets filled with dryed lavender or pieces of ceder wood will also help keeping moth away. You could place the garment in a freezer for more than 20 hours if you detect there is the sight of moth.
  • Find fun ways to mend your garment. There are many many great mending and darning tutorials from experts out there (both on the internet and books)
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