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Glass Head Pins · MULTICOLOR · L

Glass Head Pins · MULTICOLOR · L

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  • Color: Multicolor

  • Size: 30-32 x 0,60 mm

  • 30g Glass head pins

  • Packed in Kraft paper matchbox

  • Does not melt when ironing

    Let's get colorful! Extra fine pins with assorted multicolor glass heads. The most common type of sewing pin used for light- to medium-weight fabrics.

    30g pins are packed in handmade Matchbox out of craft paper. Kraft paper is a very strong and durable paper made of almost 100% cellulose fibres, only small amount of starch, alum and glue are added.

    It's about details: Each glass head has a character. Some are semi-translucent, some are slightly lighter and have pretty patterns inside.

    Unlike pins with plastic heads, pins with glass heads do not melt when the side of the iron soleplate would touch them. But be careful! Ironing over the pins will leave unwanted marks on the surface of fabric.

    Do you like single color pins? Indivisual color (Black, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Red) are available in 2 different box sizes : Box S (20 pins) & Box M (14g, about 120 pins)

    Care guide for pins CLICK

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