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Felt Pebble Pincushion - Size L

Felt Pebble Pincushion - Size L

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  • Handmade in Germany

  • Each piece is unique

  • Approximately 12cm length x 9cm wide x 7cm height

  • Felted wool with silk fiber

  • Super soft surface

  • Used as a pincushion or a decoration

This unique felt pebble pincushion is felted with super soft merino wool. The same merino wool is also used for the filling instead of synthetic foam. The decorative stone-veins on the surface are added with silk fiber.  The soles of the pincushion are made flat, so that they sit nicelly on the work surface. It makes as well a pretty decoration on your desk top. If you'd like to have a pincushion on your arm, the Size S is a small felt pebble pincushion with rubberband (natural rubber and organic cotton mix) meant to be worn on your arm.

Each piece is made to order per toolly's special request and handcrafted beautifully by a fiber artist in south of Germany.

Since each piece is handmade, they are all unique and have their own character.  Each piece is slightly different in shape and the placement of stone veins also differ from piece to piece. Please keep in mind that the piece you order and receive might not look exactly the same as you see on the photos in the shop.

Felt pincushion come in 3 sizes:  Size L is in dark grey,  Size M is in medium dark grey. Size S is wrist pincushion and come in 3 shades of grey; dark grey, medium dark grey, and light grey.

Please follow the instruction HERE carefully how to wash and care in order to keep your felt pincushion in a good shape for a long time. You also find the care guide inside of the little wrapping label strip.


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