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Darning yarn - Color Sample Card

Darning yarn - Color Sample Card

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You can see all the colors of our darning yarns to make sure if the size and colors are the right one for your repairing and/or decorating project.

  • 100% wool fine darning yarn

  • For darning, mending and decorating wool garments

  • All in one: White, String, Charcoal, Gold oak, Enji, Denim & Balsam, Mustard, Navy, Straw, Mint, Cinnamon and Prune

If you already know which colors you need, you can purchase each color indivisually or as sets.

TIP! Please write a short message to us if you are interested in ordering only a sample card and wish to receive in an envelope instead of a carton box. We can calculate a mailing cost for you.


Set of 3 mono-tone darning yarns

Set of 4 colors darning yarns


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