Care Guide for Tailor's Chalk


About Tailors Chalks


Tailors chalks are used for temporary guide markings on fabric to indicate where it needs to be cut or left out, shortened or lengthened, or where a pleat needs to be made, and so on. Those marks can be brushed or washed off the material when no longer needed.

!! Please test first on the small corner or on the back side of the fabric to see how your chalk will appear and can be erased, before applying to the rest of the material. Do not press too hard when using chalks as it might make an unwanted press mark on the fabric.


How to sharpen Chalks


Classic triangle tailors chalks have nice and sharp edges, but after a while it gets eventually dull. Drawing lines with dull-edged chalks make stressful imprecise marks. To sharpen the edges, you can use an item you already have at home. You don't need an extra sharpening tool.

  1. Try paper scissors (never use a good tailor shears!!)
  2. Try small sharp knives such as Xacto knives or kitchen knives
  3. Try vegetable peeler

Just run the edge of the blade along the top and sides of the chalk until you get a desired sharpness.

Triangle Tailor's Chalk

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