Care Guide for Pattern Weight & Hand gauge / Ironing Ruler

Stainless steel’s smooth and shiny surface is fairly easy to maintain. While carbon steel will rust when exposed to air and moisture, stainless steel is more resistance to rust and is highly durable due to the element on the surface layer which guards against corrosion.

However, rusting can also happen to stainless steel under certain circumstances when the protecting layer is damaged.

Here are some simple tips for a good maintenance

  • Do not clean the surface with steel wool or other metal brushes, these will scratch the surface of the steel. Also avoid contact with corrosive materials such as powder. They can damage the surface and it can cause rusting.

  • Use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe off fingerprints. Mild soap or detergent and warm water can be also used to clean persistent fingerprints. Wipe and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

  • Avoid contact with harsh Chemicals such as acidic cleaners. This can cause the dullness to the steel’s surface.

  • Cover or keep it in the cloth bag when you are not using the stainless steel product if possible. This will protect against dust and damage and maintain its cleanliness.


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