Care Guide for Felt pebble pincushion

These felt pebbles are made of 100% merino wool. The "filling" was felted also with 100% merino wool. The felted structures on the "stone surface" consist partly of mulberry silk.

Felt can be treated like wool.

A careful hand wash or machine wash (the woolens or delicate cycle) with a few drops of wool detergent to remove dirt.

During the washing process in the washing machine, the felt piece may slightly lose its shape - it must then be pulled back into its original round or square shape.

After washing, the felt piece can be tumble dried at low temperature and low rotation speed.

Then return it to the desired shape and let it flat dry.

After drying, the felt retains its shape.

The felt becomes even more beautiful when it is damped.


Friction during use can cause to form small balls on the surface (so-called pills), just as on wool sweaters. These can easily be trimmed away or shaved.

Such balls are formed again more quickly if they are pulled or plucked off.


If the felt pincushion is not used or stored for a longer period of time, you should think about moth protection!

The more often you move items, the less moths feel comfortable in them!


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