tool tray makeover


Tray makeover!


tray makerover - DIY 


This small wooden tray has been laying aroung in our apartment for years. It was a tray for one of those wooden vegetable cutting toy which fruit and vegetables are connected with magnets (or velcro) and can be cut into two halves with a wooden knife. Our children had a lot of fun with them for a long time when they were very small (now both are teenagers). Such a simple and fun toy, all natural and helps improving fine motor skills.  We gave away the vegetables and knife after our kids have outgrown, but somehow the tray stayed. I always liked this tray and it was always in use one way or another, it became especially handy after I started collecting sewing and crafting tools for testing and the little snippets started adding up. It became such a heavy duty, I finally decided to give a makeover in order to give more character and also to cover tiny cracks and stains.


before the tray makeover
tray makeover - paiting process


tray makeover - painting process
tray makeover - painting process


Before the makeover the tray was not painted or coated natural wood.

I used the left over wall paint (BLAUER ENGEL* certified environmentally friendly color) which I found in the tool shelf. They were in Oker and Bamboo colors, and the mixture of both colors came out to be a matt golden macha / pistachio color. I am so happy with the result, because it's almost like the toolly's signature color. Perfect!



DIY - tray makeover
After makeover - tool tray


The whole process took only about 1 1/2 hours to finish (including the waiting time for paint to dry for two 2 layers). I think painting over existing small objects with a new color is one of the best spare time DIY we can do. It is not only satisfying but also a great method for changing the mood and atmosphere around the living (or working) space.


Most of the tools on the finished tray are available for purchase at toolly.


Bamboo seam creaser

Darning yarns

Tracing Wheels

Dust-off all purpose brush

Felt pincushion

Darning mushroom & egg

Japanese scissors




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